We are S.K.E.T.:

a rhythm-noise project from Rostock / East- Germany that began in 1994.
We’ve worked on different projects in a range of musical styles, including EBM, Electro, Noise, Ska and Neo-Classical.
The City of Rostock was a member of the old Hanseatic League.
Formerly it had three dockyards, one of which was in the middle of the city.

This dockyard lay directly on the Warnow river. We grew up on the other side of the Warnow. Every day the air was filled with loud noises, as the dockyard workers derusted enormous steel plates. The sound of this industrial work has always had a strong influence on us. With the fall of the GDR in 1989 the dockyard was closed and the noise of dockland industry was replaced by an uncanny silence.

The cathartic effect of music on negative emotions provides us with our motivation to play.When the air is filled with the noise of industrial sounds we feel at home and we feel safe.

In 2000, after many different projects, we played our first concert in the Stellwerk, in Berlin. We’ve been active with a new line-up since January 2002. We attempt to bring principals of Socialist Realism to bear in the creation of our music. Socialist Realism has a history in the former Warsaw Pact and communist states, and variations of it are found in Libya, Northern Ireland and Chile. Its popularity as an art form ran from the 40’s to the 70’s. We aren’t highly political, but are intrigued and impressed by the expression of Socialist Realism. Our music is primarily for clubs and concerts, We like to rock and so do our fans. A good Beat is important to us, as is danceability.

But we want to break boundaries, not create them. So we bring our open mindedness to bear on the music As S.K.E.T. we can stay true to the sensibilities we have grown up with.