isolator 2002

isolator 2002


delivering ignition
fight the f.n.b.!
global conflict
isolator II
stoerfall 00
f.t. f.n.b.!(trance is the motion)

Made in 2002. The Isolator is a reaction to topical events socially,
economically as well as politically. Mainly the Situation founded on
11.09.01 and their worldwide results, as well as also the escalating
expansionism of the USA or the rising of national-socialist organizations
worldwide, played a role in the working process on the Isolator. Musically
the main focus lay on club suitability. And with a piece of irony we have,
between subject and Sound, an contradiction created which brings fun (in the
movement) and to the reflection by the breath of absurdity stimulates.

(Out of Print)

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